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Home audio video and networks

Home audio video and networks

The surface system uses several(Most of the time 6 10)Smaller audio speaker systems placed around your yard facing in.These speakers are the same size and shape as the landscape lighting you may have, and since they are facing you rather than your friends, you can listen louder without anyone worrying.

Sonance landscape system subscription port on left

The low frequencies are handled by a subwoofer that is literally buried in the earth.Really visible part is a small mushroom shaped sound port that sticks up above ground.This great sounding bass while remaining virtually invisible.

When most people buy a new tv they plop it down in the family room on a furniture piece and start watching it.It might be kind of ugly and plastic, but gday, in a tv room that maybe what you expect.

On the other hand if you try to disguise a tv in a very formal bedroom or living room, it is important to be creative.One way is to make the tv look like a mirror when it is put off and like a tv when it’s turned on.

Seura is among the most best thing that ever came out of green bay, wisconsin.Governed motion”Reflection tv”Concept was first introduced in the past, there were lots of companies appearing in the media to make them, and most were scheming to make them cheaper than seura, the current market leader.Now many lots of later, most of those websites are gone.

Just go to the video to see a mirror tv installation in action(I am sorry for the marginal video quality):

Definite mirror glass:It seems like you are able to go down to your local glass shop, buy a two-Way mirror, and stick it looking at your tv.But it’s not so simple, they use special types of glass and mirroring to guarantee the picture looks good.

Seura sees that there are different uses for these tvs, and when they must obey the laws of physics(Of course we all should. )They formulate various types of mirrors depending on the application.As an example, in a bathroom it’s valuable that the mirror works well as a mirror.In this case the mirror will reflect more and you will come across more reflections in the tv.Hanging on a living area wall however, the mirror is an ornamental element and the mirror can reflect less for a better picture.

Particularly tuned tvs:To guarantee the tv looks right the tv modules are all specially tuned so that when the assembly is complete, the picture looks right even after passing with mirror.

Kind mounting:In contrast to mounting to the wall like a typical tv using a bracket, where one can see all the wires behind, these tvs can be mounted flush with the wall(Recessed)Or mounted on the wall in a manner that you can’t see any wires behind it and it’s less than 1″Thick it looks a lot similar to a frame than a tv.

Frame possible choices:Talking about frames, there are over 100 frame options from minimal to opulent, and from progressive to traditional.Or you have your own individual frame made and custom mount the tv in it.

Plenty of people(Even in our business sector)Don’t realize that seura has lots of additional services beyond mirror tvs:

The hydra tv can be flush mounted in a bath room or shower(It operates on reduced voltage)And is perfectly waterproof.No you can nearly have a shower tv.These tvs can be color matched to any color you adore:Test it here.

The hydra tv is likewise flush mounted in a kitchen, and since it is available in chrome steel, it can match your other appliances.

The storm tv is not only waterproof but also operates at all conditions and is built for outdoor use.With the corporate being based in green bay, i am confident until this feature is well tested.

Custom lighted mirrors may be found in several styles.Seura started making these mirrors with tvs internal, but then people started prompting just the mirrors with built in lights, without having tvs.They are also good if you have matching mirrors in a bathroom but only want one with a tv.

Now that i’ve tried to explain why we are excited about seura see this company video, which shows most of merchandise in real life:

Crestron, our main and favorite provider of rc systems, made a big little water at mac world 2012, the annual apple love in that comes together every year, even though the strangely, apple is actually not an exhibitor at the trade show.It garnered”Very finest in show”From the minimum of one media outlet, which is surprising since i do not think they showed anything new there.

I think the splash was made this was crestron’s first year attending, and lots of the apple faithful were unaware of the capabilities of a high end control system in reality we’ve been able to do all what we show for years, just avoid an apple ios device(Iphone, ipod, ipad).

Aid for apple devices has always lagged carry for the pc with crestron.Ever since we have sold it customers have been able to use a pc to mimic a touchscreen display, but the ability to do that with a mac just came around recently and still doesn’t work as well.

But it looks like they finally have the ios thing decided.We have included ipads and iphone screens in lots of installs recently, and it works quite well.Truly, the ipad will be a great touchpanel option, even if youi bought one for the sole reasons like using it as a control.Crestron now even makes an in wall ipad dock getting that”A made in feel,

If history matches old crestron system that could use a little spark to bring it up to date, or if you have always wanted one but thought expense of the controls was too high, this might be a fun time to look at an upgrade.It’s still an extravagance product, but incredible control it with an ipad makes it even more luxurious for a lot fewer dollars.

If you’ve a wireless network, there is a good chance you are vulnerable to a hacker discovering passwords.

Most consumer grade wireless routers and access points use a product call”Wi fi secure setup”Or just wps.This is intended to learn effectively for people to implement security on their wireless network.

However, at the end of december of Cheap Pandora Charms UK 2011, stefan viehboc placed a paper called”Brute forcing wi fi sheltered setup, in which he points out several design flaws in the wps system that make it easy for a hacker to determine your wi fi password.Search for the paper here.

To use those flaws, tactical network solutions has continued to develop a program called reaver that will automate the attack on an wi fi network and crack it within 4 to 8 hours.The program accessible here.

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