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Bear spray the new weapon of choice on victoria Cheap Pandora Charms streets

Bear spray the new weapon of choice on victoria streets

A spike in the use of bear spray on the streets of victoria is prompting the victoria police department to remind retailers of their obligations when selling the web template.

Within the last few six months, vicpd officers have seized a lot more 30 cans of bear spray, a product available for purchase at outdoor sporting retailers.

“Bear spray is the weapon of choice amongst some of those we deal with every day downtown, said team members sgt.Conor king of the focused administration team. “Our officers are routinely encountering people concealing this weapon and we’re pretty sure none are equipped with bears in downtown victoria,

The federal pest control products act restricts the sale of bear spray to customers at least 18 years old, and requires each client to sign a purchase agreement.

Police warn the use of bear spray as a weapon can lead to many charges including possession of a dangerous weapon, carrying a concealed weapon or varying degrees of assault.

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