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Bangkok seeks court order to force end to red shirt rally

Bangkok seeks court order to force end to red shirt rally

Thailand’s government will seek a court order to force red shirted supporters of former premier thaksin shinawatra to end a crippling three week rally in the industry heart of the capital, bangkok.

Afp thailand’s government on sunday said it would seek a court ruling to force anti government protesters, loyal to ex highly regarded thaksin shinawatra, to end their massive rally in bangkok’s tourist hub.

You see, our own”Red t tops, who are demanding automatic elections to pave the way for the return of fugitive thaksin, predicted their three week rally a day earlier, massing in the capital’s main purchases and luxury hotel district.

With businesses and tourism in danger, the us govenment has banned the gathering under a strict security law invoked to cover the protests, and confronted protesters with a year in jail.

Deputy pm suthep thaugsuban, responsible for security, said the us govenment would seek a court order to increase pressure on the reds to leave after the weekend.

“Legal experts are drafting a request to undergo court tomorrow.When we have a court order government entities will see what we can do, believed suthep.

“Heading to avoid force which risks clashes.

“I am unafraid of being arrested and put in jail.I am sure i will have several individuals there Pandora Charms UK with me, said one rebellious protester, kampa ngaokor, a 55 years old farmer from the northeastern province of chaiyaphum.

In a public address, premier abhisit vejjajiva urged the red shirts to return to a protest site in the capital’s federal authorities quarter.

“(Our company)Know that if you want the government to use tough measures but we are all thai.The federal government will use international standards starting with soft measures, abhisit shown.

Thai the population is split between thaksin’s reds, who accuse abhisit’s governing administration of being elitist and army backed, and also the yellow shirts, supporters of the nation’s establishment who accuse thaksin of gross corruption.

The reds continued their demos under sun umbrellas amid sweltering temperatures on sunday, forcing many places to close for a second day and seizing up traffic in the district.

“We use our privileges(In order to)Under the constitution as this is a peaceful protest, red shirt leader nattawut saikuar told correspondents.

Police force said some 60, 000 protesters had filled the upmarket purchasing area on saturday, but citizens appeared largely unfazed, with some experiencing and enjoying the rally’s carnival like atmosphere with dancing and live music in the streets.

Within the armed forces has mounted a heavy security response involving 50, 000 workforce for the protests.

The reds oppose the coup that toppled thaksin in 2006 and say abhisit’s fed lawmakers is undemocratic because it took office through a parliamentary vote after a court stripped thaksin’s allies of power.

Thaksin, a billionaire former telecoms tycoon who lives abroad to counteract a jail term for graft at home, has systematically addressed the protesters via videolink, urging them not to back.

The reds have staged a series of dramatic stunts to press the requirements, including throwing their separate blood at abhisit’s offices.

They rioted in bangkok in april yr after, allowing two dead and scores injured.

The yellow shirts’ protests brought on the 2006 coup that deposed thaksin, while their 2008 campaign led to a crippling nine day blockade of the nation’s airports.

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