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Bangladeshi trawlers violate coastal borders daily

Bangladeshi trawlers violate coastal borders daily

The 2008 terror attack on mumbai seems to have not taught coast guards a lesson or two about the weeknesses of coastlines.Every day regarding unchecked bangladeshi fishing trawlers have been violating the coastal borders of bay of bengal.

The customs department is officially speculated to check all overseas vessels when they enter indian coastal territory.Within the, bangladeshi fishing trawlers are only noticed just after they reach namkhana, 150 km during the indian coastal territory.This laxity on the part of coast guards can give bangladeshis time to unload arms and ammunitions on any unguarded island they may encounter enroute the coastal border.

A senior customs official said that the lapse on their part was due to the lack of national facilities in the region.We are exceedingly short staffed.Our staff strength is not adequate to check even the cargo ships let alone the associated with fishing trawlers that come in every day, the customs conventional said.

Our top priority is the cargo ships coming in from bangladesh, built to namkhana to unload the cargo there, he explained.

The customs department has sought the help of the border security force(Bsf)To determine the ships.Is actually that customs comes under the finance ministry, whereas bsf comes in the home ministry.Unless there is co-Ordination at the ministerial level, the customs bsf sychronisation of command will never materialise.

The west bengal government will now intervene and get the two departments under the two union ministries to arrive at money.Besides holding meetings with the authorities concerned, it will likewise discuss the Pandora Sale issue with home minister p chidambaram and finance minister pranab mukherjee.

The state will officially write to the home ministry, may then take up the matter with the finance ministry and settle the issue, state home assistant s ghosh said, merging that, the state will also increase the number of coastal Cheap Pandora Charms UK police stations in the region.

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