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Erin riding high in most sexy women alive poll

Their husbands have been caught cheating on along with a bevy of ladies, but based on british men cheryl cole and elin nordegren Michael Kors Bags UK are some of the sexiest women alive.

Cole, tess daly and nordegren have gone up in the appraisal of the uk men after the behaviour of ashley cole, vernon kay and Michael Kors Outlet UK ernie els respectively became public.

Tv host tess daly also been given more votes, taking her into top 50.She is stated to have forgiven hubby vernon for sending sexy texts to glamour model rhian sugden.

She joined in an upsurge in appeal by blonde swedish beauty erin, who golf superstar better half woods categorically denies she hit him with a golf club when she found out he been playing around trapped on video tape.

Erin is said to have jetted off to a mysterious location after he begged for forgiveness live on american tv last week.

Richard galpin of fhm publication, left a comment: “As the current holder of the woman in the world title it no secret that cheryl has always proved liked our readers, in spite of this, we weren expecting the sheer variety of votes she received this week.The truth that she recently available must make her even more irresistible to men,

He put in: “It refreshing to see that the illuminated fhm reader is voting for tess daly over glamour model rhian sudgen, maybe we all a bit jaded by the kiss and tell valuable of late.Tess has got it all the brains and the wonder,

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